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Midlands XC Round 2

Tough fast course in the dry, Tougher slow course in the mud. It was muddy.

I watched the Vets race which was before mine, Took a few pics and watch Chris Smith struggle with the mud trying to claw his way back into the Vets Cat after setting off in the wrong Group with the Grand Vets.

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I got myself sorted and did a warm up lap, it wasn’t as bad as i first thought just the 1st half of the course which was draggy slow and very muddy. To my surprise i was gridded in 1st, so managed to get a good start and stayed at the front for the 1st lap, on the 2nd lap 2 people came past me and i couldn’t stay with them.

I rode all the climbs but maybe it would of been quicker getting off and running with my bike they were that slow and slippy, I enjoyed the descents they were out of control mud slides which were fun.


I got myself in a rhythm for the rest of the race, didn’t really push myself as hard as i could but didn’t relax either, i could talk after the race instead of having a crazy coughing fit which is how i now gauge how hard I’ve rode, managed to finish in 3rd place which kept me happy.

Nationals round 2 next week

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Nutcracker Round 2 Gandale

After the practice lap I had decided that this wasn’t going to be a course for me, I found it hard, short steep climbs, long flat drags with mental headwinds that nearly brought you to a stop and loose gravel that gave hardly any traction out the saddle.

Didn’t wimp out though and placed myself on the front row, the race started at a slow pace everyone was waiting for someone to make a move to go on the front into the wind.


I sat myself in behind someones wheel and then made a break for it on a technical river bed section, came out in the lead with quite a good gap. Lead the race for 2 laps when power house Keith Murray from Scott Bikes caught up to me on the headwind straight I was pretty goosed by this point and was pretty sure i had lost my 1st place position when he got a flat.


Went back into the lead and got myself to recover on lap 3, pushed as hard as i could on the final lap to finish the race as the winner.

So much for it not being a course for me!

1st Win of the season for me so well chuffed.


Chris and Carl both raced in the Vets class as well and both rode hard enjoying themselves, Chris Got a flat and had to run for half a mile to get a tube and pump, next time he’s carrying co2 and a spare tube!


Ian rode in the super vets finishing in 2nd place


Thanks to all the girls for sitting in the cold handing out drinks, taking the pics and cheering us on.

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National XC Round 1 Codham Park

Wasn’t prepared for the pace at the start of this one or the summer temperature, Proper fast from the gun. Got to the top of the 1st climb in 3rd position and had to slow down before i blew up. Legs were screaming at me, and i was really hot, slipped back many places and got myself to recover.


The course should of suited me really but i struggled with it, was pretty much full gas all the way with not much let up even in the single-track it was flat out pedaling. Loved the techy descent and there was even a BMX track thrown in for good measure to, right up my street with some good jumps on it.


Found my legs at the end of lap 2 and pulled a few places back, managed to finish all 5 laps in 8th place which was good, as i went wanting a top 10 finish.

Carl had a good race in the vets cat and really enjoyed the course.


Time to get a bit more hard training in i think to get ready for round 2 in Cornwall next month, hopefully another course which i should get on with.

Thanks to Liz for taking all the pics and standing in the feed zone.