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Nutcracker round 3 Aske Forest, North of England Champs

It was a hot day, was doing my best to drink lots of fluids before the start, crammed a gel down me as well on the start line. There’s no gridding at the nutcracker its just one long line and its the first to the end of the field gets the lead.


Had a good start and lead across the first half of the field my chain over shifted and dropped off causing me to loose a place but i was happy sitting in 2nd up the climb and into the descent. Had a little fall on a root and dropped to 3rd place.

1st and 2nd raced off and i was unable to gain on them. Came through lap 1 in 3rd and went as hard as i could on lap 2, closed the gap to 2nd and overtook him and finally caught 1st back up and struggled to shake him off my tail for half a lap.

Finally lost him and used the rest of my energy i had to create a gap. Another gel kept me going for the 4th and last lap and I Managed to win the race by a minute and a half over 2nd.

Over the moon having the title of 2014 North of England MTB XC Champ, went and celebrated by having a massive mixed grill.


Thanks to everyone who came to support me, especially the girls who stood there passing me drinks.