Electric Bike Frequently Asked Questions.

We talk about e-bikes every day in the shop, so we have put together an FAQ of the most commonly asked E-Bike questions

What Are the regulations of an E-bike?

E-bikes can be used anywhere an unpowered bike can go legally, but they have regulations to meet so they fall into the pedal bike ‘category’.

  • Maximum Speed of Assistance 15.5Mph / 25Kph.
  • No Throttle
  • 250W Max Motor Power


Anything that has a throttle, offers more power, assistance above 25Kph, isn’t legal and falls into the motorbike category. So would require MOT, number plates, Tax, wear a motorbike helmet etc


How Fast Do E-Bikes Go?

The electronic assistance of an E-Bikes is limited to 25Kph – if you are going faster, there won’t be any assistance from the motor.

How can an e-bike improve fitness?

What we see at Cookson Cycles our customers are not put off by the hills, ride further, explore more and stay out longer!

Do I have to pedal?

E-bikes are assisted, you must pedal! They don’t have a switch or throttle where you can put your feet up😊

How powerful are the motors?

E-bike motors are limited to 250W – torque is unlimited.

Can you remove the speed limit?

No! We don’t have any special software or equipment to remove the speed limit of an e-bike. We won’t fit any aftermarket modifications to make your bike go faster too, doing this makes your bike illegal and voids your warranty.

How far do they go?

Not straight forward to answer, there are several key factors that come into play here. Hills, battery capacity and what mode the bike is used in – but anything from 20 to 80 miles!

We’ve had a customer ride the Manchester to Blackpool charity ride and use less than 20% of the battery on a full suspension MTB with 2.8 tyres!

Are they heavy?

Yes, they are compared to a none powered bike – average 20KG. But the weight isn’t an issue when you are riding along, the level of assistance can take you up a steep climb faster than you could ever dream of!

How do I transport my e-bike?

Due to their extra weight, E-bikes generally need to be mounted onto a tow bar bike rack. Thule make e-bike rated racks that can carry bikes up to 30Kg each.

How long does the warranty last?

The current range of ebikes we stock at Cookson Cycles use systems from Bosch, Giant (Yamaha) and Shimano. Each system has a two-year warranty and the battery warranty normally has a maximum number of charges too (which ever comes 1st).

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries on our bikes should be good for around 1000 charges. After this the battery capacity will be around 80%, so your bike will still work but just not last as long on a single charge. Hitting 1000 charges will take about 40000 miles if we say the average charge should last around 40 miles!