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Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycle Computer – NEW!

Garmin Edge 1030

Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Enabled Cycle Computer – NEW!

The new Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycle Computer is available today from Cookson Cycles, stock will go quick just like we have seen in the past with any new Garmin product!

After a few leaks on the internet recently Garmin has confirmed the new Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycle Computer. It will have a bigger screen, longer battery life and new connectivity features.

Garmin Edge 1030

The new Garmin Edge 1030 gets a 3.5in high-resolution touch screen that works in the wet or with gloves and light sensors automatically adjust the screen brightness to suit the riding conditions. Battery life has been extended to a claimed 20 hours and there is a new Garmin Charge integrated battery pack accessory to double the run time to 40 hours for longer rides, ideal for 24 hour solo riders!

Garmin has improved the navigation and course planning features. Trendline utilises the many activities uploaded to Garmin Connect to provide routes using the most popular roads and off-road trails, backed up by preloaded Cycle Maps for turn-by-turn directions on all terrain with alerts for sharp corners and elevation information. You’ll also be able to choose from three round-trip suggestions by choosing a distance and starting direction if you want the Edge 1030 to recommended new routes.


Connectivity has been a focus of the new Garmin Edge 1030, with the ability to reply to incoming text messages or phone calls with a prewritten message, as well as sending messages from one Garmin Edge 1030 to another Garmin Edge 1030. Garmin has also integrated incident detection to automatically share your location with emergency contacts if you have an accident. Grouptrack and LiveTrack, features that let you provide real-time location data to friends and family, are retained from the previous Garmin Edge 1000.

Strava fans will be able to make use of the latest version of Strava Live Segments, while Strava Premium users will get further access to real-time races against personal best times. There’s also a new Segment Explore feature that lets you view popular nearby segments. If you want to use the Garmin Edge 1030 for serious training, Garmin has developed the new TrainingPeaks Connect IQ app to let you put your daily workouts on the Edge 1030, and it’ll also guide you through the workout in real-time with intensity targets and interval.

The new Garmin Edge 1030 costs £499.99 for the Headunit only and the Garmin Edge 1030 Performance Bundle which comes with a Heart Rate monitor strap, speed and cadence sensors costs £549.99.

Garmin Edge 1030 HeadUnit and Garmin Edge 1030 Performance Bundle available here