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2015 Bike Sale

We have some amazing deals on 2015 bikes, from Trek, Giant and Scott that we can guarantee are the best around.

For example we have the Scott Speedster 30 down to £550 from £749.

the award winning Giant Defy 1, now £700 from £899.

Trek Emonda SL5 now £1350 was £1900.

We have more too, take a look on our sale page for the full list –

along with our final 2015 bikes, we have reduced the 2016 Stache 9 to £2000 from £2700 and the Trek Farley 5 £1000 from £1300.

These offers are only available on stock bikes we have in store – be quick before they are all gone!

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Trek 2016 price reductions

Trek have reduced the pricing on some of their superb mountain bikes from today – the highlight in the list for us is the Trek EX 8, now £2000 with a dropper post and Re:Aktiv rear shock.

SUPERFLY 9.6£1,600.00£1,500.00
SUPERFLY 9.6 WSD£1,600.00£1,500.00
SUPERFLY 9.7£1,900.00£1,700.00
SUPERFLY 9.8£2,300.00£2,200.00
FUEL EX 7 27.5£1,900.00£1,600.00
FUEL EX 8 27.5£2,250.00£2,000.00
FUEL EX 9 27.5£3,000.00£2,750.00
REMEDY 7 27.5£2,000.00£1,900.00
REMEDY 8 27.5£2,500.00£2,400.00
REMEDY 8 WSD 27.5£2,500.00£2,400.00
REMEDY 9 27.5£2,950.00£2,700.00
SLASH 7 27.5£2,500.00£2,250.00
SLASH 8 27.5£3,200.00£3,000.00
SLASH 9 27.5£4,000.00£3,750.00

Prices will update on our website over the next few days.

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Whinlatter Forest 2015 – Nutcracker Round 1

Round 1 Whinlatter Forest

I headed up for round 1 of the nutcracker series up in Whinlatter forest in the lake district, early Sunday morning with enough time to have a practice lap for my 1st race of the year!

They provided a pretty tough course, Some pretty steep long climbs and I was glad I choose to run a 32 tooth front chainring instead of a 34.

As usual at a trail center they didn’t use a lot of the man made trails and put in a nice slippy techy rooty descent.

It was my first time racing in expert a step up from last year so was ready to get my ass whooped.

Expert category set of with Elites and Juniors so right from the start it was flat out. I knew a few people racing elite so used them as markers and manage to stay with them for a lap before they left me in there dust. After that I just set myself a hard pace and managed to keep it up till the end.

Wasn’t expecting a great result but managed ending up taking the win, was quite surprised with myself as I didn’t have a clue what position I was in.

Chris Lever 1st place expert - Whinlatter Forest

Raced on my Scott Scale RC with the new 11 speed Shimano XTR groupset on which worked superb, as expect from Shimano!

The next nutcracker race is at Dalby forest, if you fancy giving it a go you can enter it on the britishcycling website 🙂

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Cookson Cycles Navigation Training Day Hope Valley

We started off at Ladybower Reservoir 9 am the weather was a perfect winters day 6 degree with clearing summits with sunshine giving us absolute cracking views through the day.



All though the terrain was rather muddy wet and generally sloppy, it added for some awesome descents with a nice, loose fun flow for that bit more adrenaline.


A few minor miss navigation to add to the adventure of the day.

835r0x0 836r0x0

The day was packed with technical descents, climbs and gave us some of the best trails hope valley Mountain Biking has to offer; alongside some of its stunning views.

831r0x0 832r0x0


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Nutcracker round 3 Aske Forest, North of England Champs

It was a hot day, was doing my best to drink lots of fluids before the start, crammed a gel down me as well on the start line. There’s no gridding at the nutcracker its just one long line and its the first to the end of the field gets the lead.


Had a good start and lead across the first half of the field my chain over shifted and dropped off causing me to loose a place but i was happy sitting in 2nd up the climb and into the descent. Had a little fall on a root and dropped to 3rd place.

1st and 2nd raced off and i was unable to gain on them. Came through lap 1 in 3rd and went as hard as i could on lap 2, closed the gap to 2nd and overtook him and finally caught 1st back up and struggled to shake him off my tail for half a lap.

Finally lost him and used the rest of my energy i had to create a gap. Another gel kept me going for the 4th and last lap and I Managed to win the race by a minute and a half over 2nd.

Over the moon having the title of 2014 North of England MTB XC Champ, went and celebrated by having a massive mixed grill.


Thanks to everyone who came to support me, especially the girls who stood there passing me drinks.

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Midlands XC Round 2

Tough fast course in the dry, Tougher slow course in the mud. It was muddy.

I watched the Vets race which was before mine, Took a few pics and watch Chris Smith struggle with the mud trying to claw his way back into the Vets Cat after setting off in the wrong Group with the Grand Vets.

677r0x0 678r0x0

I got myself sorted and did a warm up lap, it wasn’t as bad as i first thought just the 1st half of the course which was draggy slow and very muddy. To my surprise i was gridded in 1st, so managed to get a good start and stayed at the front for the 1st lap, on the 2nd lap 2 people came past me and i couldn’t stay with them.

I rode all the climbs but maybe it would of been quicker getting off and running with my bike they were that slow and slippy, I enjoyed the descents they were out of control mud slides which were fun.


I got myself in a rhythm for the rest of the race, didn’t really push myself as hard as i could but didn’t relax either, i could talk after the race instead of having a crazy coughing fit which is how i now gauge how hard I’ve rode, managed to finish in 3rd place which kept me happy.

Nationals round 2 next week

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Nutcracker Round 2 Gandale

After the practice lap I had decided that this wasn’t going to be a course for me, I found it hard, short steep climbs, long flat drags with mental headwinds that nearly brought you to a stop and loose gravel that gave hardly any traction out the saddle.

Didn’t wimp out though and placed myself on the front row, the race started at a slow pace everyone was waiting for someone to make a move to go on the front into the wind.


I sat myself in behind someones wheel and then made a break for it on a technical river bed section, came out in the lead with quite a good gap. Lead the race for 2 laps when power house Keith Murray from Scott Bikes caught up to me on the headwind straight I was pretty goosed by this point and was pretty sure i had lost my 1st place position when he got a flat.


Went back into the lead and got myself to recover on lap 3, pushed as hard as i could on the final lap to finish the race as the winner.

So much for it not being a course for me!

1st Win of the season for me so well chuffed.


Chris and Carl both raced in the Vets class as well and both rode hard enjoying themselves, Chris Got a flat and had to run for half a mile to get a tube and pump, next time he’s carrying co2 and a spare tube!


Ian rode in the super vets finishing in 2nd place


Thanks to all the girls for sitting in the cold handing out drinks, taking the pics and cheering us on.

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National XC Round 1 Codham Park

Wasn’t prepared for the pace at the start of this one or the summer temperature, Proper fast from the gun. Got to the top of the 1st climb in 3rd position and had to slow down before i blew up. Legs were screaming at me, and i was really hot, slipped back many places and got myself to recover.


The course should of suited me really but i struggled with it, was pretty much full gas all the way with not much let up even in the single-track it was flat out pedaling. Loved the techy descent and there was even a BMX track thrown in for good measure to, right up my street with some good jumps on it.


Found my legs at the end of lap 2 and pulled a few places back, managed to finish all 5 laps in 8th place which was good, as i went wanting a top 10 finish.

Carl had a good race in the vets cat and really enjoyed the course.


Time to get a bit more hard training in i think to get ready for round 2 in Cornwall next month, hopefully another course which i should get on with.

Thanks to Liz for taking all the pics and standing in the feed zone.


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Thetford Winter Series Round 3

Pretty long drive down to Thetford from here in Manchester, but there seems to be a lack of winter series up north unless your into your CX.

After registering i got out for a practice lap just making it back in time for start, seemed pretty dry and fast which was a surprise after the weather we’ve had. I was gridded in 20th as i missed the 1st round, I knew the weather forecast was going to change to extremely grim so i had a waterproof jacket on, my shimano goretex winter boots and fully waterproof gloves, all i was worried about was getting cold feet and hands.

As the race started so did the rain, and straight away someone rode into my rear wheel snapping a spoke, sorted it out and started to race, a few lads got away out front and i was sat in a group behind. Around 3/4s round the 1st lap i attacked and got a gap on the group and managed to pull a nice lead on them.


The 1st 2 laps were quite good and i held my 4th place position, as the 3rd lap started the course had been churned up and was starting to become a mudfest, i had a few close calls coming into corners to fast but managed to keep upright and keep my position.


On the 4th and final lap 3rd place had a mechanical enabling me to take his place and with a comfy lead over 4th managed to finish the race in 3rd. I was 5 mins down on 1st with a time of 2 hours 26mins.

Shaun managed a very reasonable 12th place.


Top event and hopefully will like to make it down to the final race next month.

Thanks to Liz and Emma for coming down and standing in the rain and taking pic’s.


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Dusk til Dawn

I rode this race in 2010 and it was wet and muddy, I’ve always wanted to go back and this year Ali fancied racing as a pair. It’s handy for us as her mum lives an hour away from Thetford Forest so we have somewhere to stay and someone to feed us before the event. Ali realised on the day of the event that she hadn’t ridden in the dark since last winter but assured her she would be fine. Thanks to Shaun she had an Exposure 6pack to light her way.

I was told I was doing the first lap which including a starting loop. I worked as hard as I could and didn’t have much traffic in the singletrack. Handing over to Ali and she flew round. One more single lap each and I went out for a double, we stayed on doubles then as it was so cold we were only warming up when nearly at the end of the lap. We were the only female pairs so we set ourselves a target of beating all the women’s teams. We had a really close race with the women who won the team event but in the end we got the gap and I finished it off by riding an extra lap at the end.

It was a great race and we both had a great time, think we may even race as a pair again next season.14r0x0