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Unlock a whole new range of possibilities in your bike repair and maintenance tasks with the Height Extension Kit by UNIOR. This ingenious product is designed with the needs of taller technicians in mind, thus eliminating the necessity to crouch or lean uncomfortably whilst performing intricate mechanical tasks. It raises both the highest and lowest position of your clamp on the electric repair stand by a site-transforming 25 cm.

The benefit isn't solely for those of taller stature; raising the bicycle higher from the ground also presents a fresh perspective and access point to your bicycle that was previously inaccessible or impractical. Now, those hidden nooks and crannies can be reached with unprecedented ease, making comprehensive bike servicing simpler and more effective.

Installation is a breeze, as the Height Extension Kit effortlessly mounts between the electric repair stand column and the metal fixed plate or the floor. To ensure a seamless fit and superior performance, this product is specifically designed to be compatible with UNIOR electric repair stands sporting an aluminium main column.

Enhance the ergonomics of your bike maintenance tasks with UNIOR's Height Extension Kit. No more bending or straining - just efficient, comfortable servicing.

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