Knog Oi Classic Bell Copper Small

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Add a stylish yet practical touch to your bike with the Knog Oi Classic Bell. This isn't your typical bike bell - it has been specifically designed to not only look beautiful, but also produce a melodious, crystal-clear tone. It's the touch of refinement your ride needs.

The unique and compact design of the Knog Oi Classic Bell allows it to blend seamlessly with your handlebars, unlike traditional bulky bike bells. It's a perfect fit for almost all cylindrical bars, whether they're 22.2mm or up to 31.8mm in diameter. It even fits well on most aero bars with a 16mm cylindrical section. With the included spacers, you can adjust the fit to ensure it's secure.

Despite the compact design, this bell doesn't compromise on sound. The distinct bell tone, likened to the sound of an angel playing a glockenspiel, ensures you're heard clearly while biking, enhancing your safety. Made of high-quality aluminium with a sturdy nylon mount and actuator, the Knog Oi Classic Bell is built to last. Its lightweight design, at only 18g for the small and 28g for the large bell, ensures it doesn't add unnecessary weight to your ride.

Installation is a breeze. All you need to do is pop the bell over the handlebars, tighten up the hex screw to secure the bell in place, and voila – installation complete! No sliding down the handlebars and no need for tedious dismantling and reassembling.

But it’s not just about the looks and the sound – the Knog Oi Classic Bell also offers a practical cable management system built into the mount. This neat feature helps keep your cables organised, further enhancing the sleek, clean look of your setup. Upgrade your biking experience with this elegant and practical accessory.

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