Sorry! Unior Inner Bearing Puller Kit is no longer available.

Unior Inner Bearing Puller Kit


The Inner Bearing Puller Kit from Unior is a must-have tool for any cycle enthusiast or professional repairman. This high-quality kit provides an effective solution for removing pressed-in bearings, using a collet and hammer system to deliver precise and hassle-free results.

With the overlooked focus on reliability and durability, Unior Bike Tools ensures that every product is carefully designed and produced from top-tier materials, manufactured to the highest industry standards. This inner bearing puller kit is no exception.

Construction in Unior is driven by the philosophy of 'Made for Work'. Built for rigorous daily usage, this tool is ideal for both home and professional bike shop environments. Trust in Unior's expertise, an internationally recognised brand synonymous with quality and durability.

Since 1919, Unior has showcased their masterful craftsmanship, combining century-old tradition with cutting-edge technology to create tools of unmatched precision. This tool-kit is a testament to their commitment for excellence.

With Unior's commitment to 'Made in Europe', they retain full control over all aspects of their product from its initial specification, the raw materials used, the manufacturing process, up to the final quality checks. When you choose Unior, you choose tools that are purposefully crafted for long-term, dependable use.

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