Sorry! Unior Suspension Bench Drawer - 3 Tool Tray Set is no longer available.

Unior Suspension Bench Drawer - 3 Tool Tray Set


The Suspension Bench Drawer - 3 Tool Tray Set by Unior is a versatile tool set designed for professional and regular use. Crafted with high-quality materials and precision, these tool trays are a necessity for every bike enthusiast.
Why Choose Unior?
Unior has been a leading name in the tool manufacturing industry since 1919. With a rich tradition and commitment to excellence, Unior ensures reliability, durability, and top-notch quality in every product they offer.
Made for Rigorous Use
Each Unior tool tray is designed to withstand rigorous daily use, making it a perfect choice for both professional bike shops and home workshops. You can rely on the quality offered by Unior for a lifetime.
Unior's Legacy
Unior combines more than a century's worth of tradition and expertise with the latest technologies and manufacturing methods. This implies that everything, from their tools to the manufacturing process, is handled with utmost precision.
European Quality
The tools offered by Unior are made in Europe, ensuring you get nothing but the best quality. With full control over the specification, the manufacturing process, and the quality of raw materials, Unior delivers tools that are designed to perform consistently throughout their lifespan.
In conclusion, the commitment to craftsmanship and quality makes the 'Suspension Bench Drawer - 3 Tool Tray Set' from Unior the ultimate choice for every bike workshop. Get yours today and experience the excellence in your hands.

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