ESI Bar Grips MTB FIT CR Silicone

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ESI's ergonomic Fit grips are designed to offer a natural hand position on your handlebar. The innovative design ensures that the pressure exerted by your hands on the handlebars is evenly distributed, resulting in greatly improved bar control.The Fit XC and CR grips feature three distinct areas. The INNER area provides a perfect resting place for your hands, enhancing bar control while turning. The MIDDLE area offers additional torque and power for climbing. The OUTER area, which is the thickest part of the grip, provides superior hand comfort, especially during descents.The seamless flow between each area of the Fit grip ensures optimal hand placement. When you grip these handles, you'll immediately feel the comfort and support they provide. It's as if they were custom-made for your hands.The Fit XC is the larger version of the grip, while the Fit CR is the smaller version. If you currently use Racer's grips, we recommend opting for the Fit CR. This grip is perfect for riders who prefer a chunkier, racer's mix.Upgrade your bar grips to the Bar Grips MTB FIT CR Silicone by ESI for an unmatched grip and enhanced control on your mountain bike.