Shotgun Tow Rope

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Introducing the Shotgun Tow Rope, the perfect solution to ensure enjoyable family rides time after time. Ideal for journeys that involve hill climbs, this innovative product takes away the hard work so you can explore more together. Whether you're tackling arduous elevations or simply want to expand your family's cycling routes, this tow rope offers a practical solution.

Designed to cater even for your robust needs, this tow rope comes with a superior load rating of 225kg. Now, even your bigger kids can also safely benefit from a little towing assistance. It's a one-size-fits-all accessory, perfect for those family adventures.

What sets the Shotgun Tow Rope apart is its unique shock-absorbing stretch feature. This ensures a comfortable tow uphill, reducing the impact of bumps and jolts on the rider being towed. Now, your little one can enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride, no matter the terrain.

This handy tow rope is not only efficient in function but also fast in utilisation. It is quick to attach and remove, thanks to the easy-to-use stem loop and carabiner included in the package. Gone are the days of time-wasting setups; with the Shotgun Tow Rope, facilitating uplifts during your cycling trips becomes a breeze.

Round off your child-carrying bike accessories with the reliable Shotgun Tow Rope - a must-have for every biking family out there.