Burgtec E-Bike Steel Thick Thin Chainring

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Burgtec Black

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Discover the 'Burgtec E-Bike Steel Thick Thin Chainring,' the perfect addition to your cycling equipment that blends exceptional quality and innovative design to deliver outstanding performance.

This well-designed chainring makes cycling more efficient and enjoyable, offering you a mechanical advantage of increased gearing for better control, speed, and power. With meticulous research and testing, Burgtec has achieved an optimum ovality of 115%, which sufficiently minimizes the dead spot and ensures flawless chain retention and silence like our round rings.

The 'Burgtec E-Bike Steel Thick Thin Chainring' notably reduces the dead spot on the top and the bottom of the power curve, allowing you to return to the power phase of your crank rotation quickly. This improved efficiency benefits you in two critical ways: it offers increased gearing on the downward stroke and promotes faster crank speed to maintain a continuous power phase. This dual advantage optimises the downward stroke, utilising larger muscle groups for better power output with minimal effort.

Furthermore, this chainring's tooth profile features a Thick Thin design with a Mud Bleed for greater resilience and performance. It is compatible with 10, 11, and 12 speed bicycles, making it versatile and highly efficient. With the remarkable 115-degrees of ovality and fully CNC machined from 7075 Aluminium, this chainring promises durability and resilience for long-lasting use.

Note: The 'Burgtec E-Bike Steel Thick Thin Chainring' is compatible with both Boost and Non-boost bikes. Enhance your cycling experience with this premium quality chainring.

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