Burgtec Oval Shimano Direct Mount Thick Thin Chainring

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Experience the riding comfort and efficiency like never before with the Oval Shimano Direct Mount Thick Thin Chainring by Burgtec. Built to deliver state-of-the-art performance, this chainring offers a mechanical advantage of both increased gearing and redefined control on demanding terrains.

After exhaustive research and multiple prototyping, we concluded that 115% Ovality (from the top centre) is the sweet spot. It not only reduces the dead spot effectively but also ensures the same excellent chain retention as our round rings. By shortening the dead spot at the top and bottom of the power cycle, this chainring enables you to engage in the power phase of your crank rotation earlier.

The benefits are manifold. For instance, the design offers increased gearing on the downward stroke paired with a faster crank speed. This ensures the crank is continuously propelled back into the power phase. Given that most studies suggest that a minimum of 80% of your cycling power comes from the downward motion, this additional boost can be crucial. By employing larger muscle groups for this motion, you gain an added advantage on the pedalling efficiency front. The physics magic at play will give you extra power on the downward stroke without any additional exertion on your part- a win-win scenario.

Please note that all of our Chainrings are +/- 2 Teeth. For instance, a 30T chainring combines the features of a 32T Increased Power Phase and a 28T Dead Spot. Accordingly, a 32T chainring will offer a blend of 34T Increased Power Phase and a 30T Dead Spot. As a rule of thumb, we recommend sticking to the current sized round ring that you are using when selecting your Oval size.

Key features include:

  • Thick Thin Tooth Profile for optimal performance
  • Compatibility with 10, 11 and 12 Speed gears
  • 115 Degrees of Ovality for prime efficiency
  • Fully CNC Machined from 7075 Aluminium for durability and longevity

So why wait? Transform your cycling experience with the Oval Shimano Direct Mount Thick Thin Chainring by Burgtec, where performance meets innovation.

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