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Unior Flat File

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Unveil the perfect blend of tradition and technology with the Unior Flat File, designed to cater to both professionals and passionate DIY enthusiasts. Distinguished for its remarkable quality, the UNIOR trademark holds a resounding prestige amongst its users, securing its spot in every craftsman's toolbox.

Why Choose Unior?
Unior Bike Tools are constructed with precision, boasting unequaled reliability and durability. Crafted from superior materials and adhering to the highest manufacturing standards, these tools are created to meet a diverse range of needs. Unior's commitment to excellence and rich heritage make it a brand that resonates with trust.

Built to Last
With a firm focus on durability, Unior constructs every tool to withstand the rigorous usage faced in professional bicycle repair shops. Whether you're utilising these tools at home or in your workshop, Unior guarantees a lifetime of unwavering quality.

Over a Century of Excellence
Boasting over 100 years in tool crafting, Unior amalgamates expertise with modern technologies. Breaking all norms, they manufacture the tools that make the tools, ensuring each piece is crafted with matchless precision.

European Craftsmanship
Retaining complete control over its manufacturing process, Unior promises stellar performance throughout the product's lifespan. Each tool created speaks volumes of the superior raw materials and unparalleled European craftsmanship.

So, invite a Unior flat file into your life and experience first-hand the undeniable superiority of this essential tool.