Sorry! Unior 12mm x 28mm Bearing Press Adapter is no longer available.

Unior 12mm x 28mm Bearing Press Adapter

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The 12mm x 28mm Bearing Press Adapter by UNIOR is an instrumental tool indispensable for every cyclist and mechanic. This high-quality tool is expertly crafted to fulfil bearing press needs with impeccable precision, upholding UNIOR's long-standing reputation in the cycling industry.

The Bearing Press Adapter is designed to deliver optimum performance, ensuring accurate and hassle-free bearing installations. It ensures a perfect fit, enabling you to press your bearings into place with efficiency, mitigating the risk of damage to your bike's components while ensuring smooth movement of parts.

Since 1919, UNIOR has been at the forefront of expert tool manufacturing. Made in Europe, each product such as this bearing press adapter is constructed using top-of-the-range, robust materials, guaranteeing excellent durability and a long life span—even under rigorous use. They control every aspect of their manufacturing process for superior quality assurance, making UNIOR a trusted choice of cycling professionals worldwide.

Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY bike enthusiast, the 12mm x 28mm Bearing Press Adapter is an essential component in your toolkit. Experience the ease and precision of UNIOR's innovative tools, designed with your cycling needs in mind.

Choose reliability, excellence, and tradition—choose Unior.

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