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Unior 9.5mm x 22.2mm Bearing Press Adapter

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Get your bicycle back in tip-top condition with the UNIOR 9.5mm x 22.2mm Bearing Press Adapter. Crafted with utmost precision by a trusted name in the bicycle industry, this premium-quality tool is essential for any cyclist or professional bicycle mechanic.

Why choose UNIOR?

As a leading European tool maker, UNIOR combines a rich heritage, high production standards, and excellent materials to produce tools that are robust, reliable, and specifically designed for demanding bike services. This bearing press adapter reinforces UNIOR's commitment to providing superior tools that enhance the performance and life span of your beloved bicycle.

Accurate and Efficient

With the UNIOR Bearing Press Adapter, servicing your bike bearings becomes a breeze. This tool ensures a precise and straightforward mechanisation process that saves time and prevents potential damage to the bike components. Upkeep your bike's smooth and efficient operation with this indispensable tool.

Built to Last

Every UNIOR tool, including this bearing press adapter, is hard-wearing and resilient, built to withstand continuous use in both home and professional workshops. When you choose UNIOR, you are investing in a tool that you can rely on for years to come.

Equip your toolbox with the UNIOR 9.5mm x 22.2mm Bearing Press Adapter and make your bike maintenance easy and efficient. Remember, a well-maintained bike delivers a safer, smoother, and more enjoyable ride.

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