Sorry! Unior 1"" Crown Race Puller Bushing is no longer available.

Unior 1"" Crown Race Puller Bushing


Introducing the robust and reliable 1"" Crown Race Puller Bushing by UNIOR. This high-quality tool is an invaluable addition to any workshop or home toolkit, boasting the long-lasting quality and perfect functionality the UNIOR brand is renowned for.

Why Choose UNIOR?

With simple usability at its heart, the 1"" Crown Race Puller Bushing allows for precise and careful removal of crown races from bicycle forks. Its robust construction means it’s tough enough to withstand heavy-duty use, and yet its design is user-friendly - even for cycling enthusiasts who are new to maintaining and repairing their own bikes.

Professional Quality With Everyday Practicality

Designed with both the professional technician and the home mechanic in mind, UNIOR tools offer a level of durability and precision that makes bike maintenance a breeze. The 1"" Crown Race Puller Bushing is no exception – this resilient tool is a must-have for any repair or renovation job.

A Century of Craftsmanship

Drawing from a 100-year tradition of tool manufacturing, UNIOR consistently delivers premium-quality products that blend traditional workmanship with cutting-edge technology. And because they control every step of the manufacturing process - down to creating the raw materials - they ensure quality and consistency across their entire range.

Made in Europe

Each UNIOR tool is made in Europe to exacting standards. This means you’re getting a tool that performs as expected, every single time. Trust the 1"" Crown Race Puller Bushing to deliver reliable and efficient performance, helping you keep your bike in top condition for longer.

Transform your bicycle maintenance experience today with UNIOR - tools that are made to last.