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Unior Hanger Genie Adapter

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ion for cyclists globally.

About the Hanger Genie Adapter:
Don't let a bent derailleur derail your next ride. The Hanger Genie Adapter by Unior is a crucial piece of kit for any cyclist. Perfectly designed to straighten out hanger problems, it is a must-have tool for maintaining efficient gear shifting.

Superior Durability:
Durably designed, our adapter stands up to frequent use and takes the hard knocks of bike maintenance in stride. Created with longevity in mind, it is an investment that will outlast passing cycling trends.

Universal Compatibility:
While the Hanger Genie Adapter is a professional standard tool, it impressively fits with a broad range of derailleur hangers. This makes it a versatile piece of equipment for your toolbox.

User-Friendly Design:
The Unior Hanger Genie Adapter ensures a stress-free bike maintenance experience even for beginners. Its user-friendly design and easy-grip handle make it easy to use, ensuring that you can straighten your derailleur with ease and precision.

Unior Quality:
As with all Unior products, quality is assured. Demonstrating industry-leading durability and precision, the Hanger Genie Adapter is a testament to Unior's commitment to helping cyclists achieve top-level performance. The Hanger Genie Adapter doesn't just meet Unior's high standards - it exceeds them.

Equip yourself with Unior's Hanger Genie Adapter, and experience smooth, effortless gear shifting on every cycle. Join the professionals and choose reliable, quality bike tools. Choose Unior. Unior bike tools are your partner in any bike repair - big or small.