Aztec eBike disc brake pads for Shimano M965 XTR M966 callipers

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Experience unparalleled braking performance with the Aztec eBike disc brake pads, specially designed for Shimano M965 XTR and M966 callipers. These high-quality pads are tailored to handle the unique needs of electric bikes improving your ride's safety and longevity.

Proficient in all terrain types, these brake pads will provide firm and smooth stopping power whether you're cruising through city streets, ascending steep hills, or venturing off-road in varying weather conditions. Specially tested and manufactured to the highest standards, our pads ensure optimum performance for the heavy-duty requirements of e-bikes and eMTBs.

The pads are created with a unique compound that delivers a 30% longer lifespan compared to standard brake pads. This makes them ideal for heavier e-cargo bikes or for those in low traction conditions, ensuring consistent and reliable braking over extended periods.

Despite being engineered for eBikes, these brake pads are also an excellent choice for regular bikers who value longevity, consistent performance, and smoother braking capabilities. The stiff and corrosion-resistant backing plate further enhances durability, ensuring your brake pads last longer and work harder for you.

Revamp your riding experience with the Aztec eBike disc brake pads. They are not merely a component; they are an investment in your safety and enjoyment. Get unparalleled control and braking performance at your fingertips with Aztec.