Rapha Pro Team Cycling Socks



High-Vis Pink


Experience the ultimate comfort with these premium Rapha Knitted 100% Nylon Socks. Ideal for cycling enthusiasts who aim to combine functionality and style, these socks are crafted from superior quality 100% nylon for a snug and comfortable fit.

These top-notch socks are versatile and can be used in a variety of climates, ranging from cool to hot conditions. Their adaptable nature ensures that you stay comfortable and dry during your cycle, regardless of the weather.

Constructed with an elasticated arch brace, these Rapha socks provide a secure fit and prevent shifting during your ride. This thoughtful feature helps to eliminate distractions, letting you focus solely on your performance.

Our Rapha socks also feature a thick upper cuff which not only lends a stylish edge but also enhances stability and comfort. They hold firm and won't sag or bunch, adding a layer of reliability to your ride.

Lastly, the iconic Pro Team 'convict stripes' on the back of the cuff add a unique twist to these otherwise classic socks. With this distinctive Rapha design, you'll certainly make a bold statement on the move.

Invest in these Rapha Knitted 100% Nylon Socks for a truly comfortable and smooth cycling experience. Whether it's a casual ride or a competitive race, these socks are set to deliver unmatched performance.

  • Recommended for use in cool to hot conditions
  • Elasticated arch brace
  • Thick upper cuff for stability and comfort
  • Pro Team ‘convict stripes’ on back of cuff