Shimano CUES RDU6000 CUES rear derailleur GS medium cage 1011speed Shadow

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Enhance your cycling experience with the Shimano CUES RDU6000 rear derailleur. It's the perfect component for mid-grade riding styles, offering simplified compatibility, unrivalled versatility, and exceptional durability.

Featuring LINKGLIDE technology, this rear derailleur is designed to last. It's 300% more durable than the current Hyperglide drivetrain, but doesn't compromise on shifting smoothness. You can rely on the RDU6000 for both the longevity and reliability of your rides.

With its Shadow Plus design, this component boasts a super low profile, paired with an optimised slant angle. This contributes to a light shifting action and provides improved clearance. Moreover, Shadow Plus incorporates a unique chain-stabilising switch. When activated, it reduces chain bounce in rough terrains, preserving stable drive and efficient shifting.

The wide-link design of this medium cage rear derailleur not only enhances rigidity but also significantly extends service life. To top it off, its large 13-tooth pulleys, aluminium bracket body, and steel outer and inner plates ensure premium quality and performance.

Designed for 10/11-speed and compatible with LINKGLIDE and HG 11-speed chains, the RDU6000 offers versatile cycling solutions. You can configure it with a 50-48T low sprocket and it is E-bike rated, offering a wide spectrum of cycling styles.

Want to configure your CUES groupset? Make use of our easy-to-use chart. Simply input the type of bike and speeds needed, and select the required components: Click Here. Learn more about the CUES Introduction with our helpful video here.

Choose the Shimano CUES RDU6000 rear derailleur GS medium cage 1011speed Shadow for superior performance and enduring value. Cycle with confidence and style in every ride.