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Zwift Experience Store

Zwift Experience Store – Manchester

Turbo trainers can be boring unless you have a set training plan to follow, but then training plans are more suited to racers and we are not all racers! now you can spice up your indoor riding by using an interactive trainer and connecting to Zwift online – chasing strava KOM’s, racing your mates,  shifting through gears when you hit a 15% climb, or just going around for a spin, its all for making that indoor riding experience a lot more fun!

The best part of all this is we at Cookson Cycles have teamed up with Zwift and we are now a Zwift Experience store –

If you are interested in a new interactive Turbo trainer and would like to trail one out in store, feel free to pop in and have a go on our demo Elite Drivo trainer on Zwift out in store!

We have all models of FE-C smart trainers in store for purchase today, pop in for a chat or bring your riding gear for a go on Zwift!