Bike Fit

Bike Fit at Cookson Cycles

Is a Cycle Fitting right for you? What does a Cycle Fit entail? How long does a Cycle Fit take? Do I need to be a serious cyclist to have a Cycle Fit?

In short - Cycle Fitting will help you with your cycling ability – there is something suitable for all levels of cyclist.

Here at Cookson Cycles we pride ourselves on traditional values and good honest advice.

This is no different to when it comes to our Cycle Fitting practice.

At our dedicated Fitting Studio you will find Rick, our in-house Cycle Fitter.

Cycle-Fit and Trek Precision Fit trained, Rick is ready to help you realise your potential on either your current bicycle set-up or to assess and discuss your needs in relation to a future purchase.

Cycle Fitting is a physio-led programme that looks at the client’s individual needs based on their physiology and attributes.

We don’t use “smoke and mirrors” technology but rather a more traditional, hands-on approach that enables the use of proven methods with real time data, in a controlled environment.

A full (with your bike) Cycle Fit takes approx 2 hours with our Cycle Fitter. This includes a full assessment of your optimum bike position  including shoe and cleat adjustment for maximum power, efficiency, comfort and injury prevention.

What’s included in a Cycle Fitting Session?

The current cost for a full Cycle Fit is £120.00

If you would like to arrange a Cycle Fitting Session or would like more details, please contact us to book a consultation or have a chat with our FIT Specialist.

There really is something suitable for all levels of cyclist from newbie to elite racer. Why not get in touch and find out what a Cycle Fit could do for you?

Please call the shop on 0161 766 2633 for further details.