Cycle to work, get a bike for work the easy way through Cookson Cycles

A cycle to work scheme is a great incentive for employees, and companies can save money too – every bike processed through the scheme means an employees National Insurance saving. Everybody wins, and it’s time to let your employer know! Help your employer help you!

If you employer hasn’t signed up to one of the available cycle to work schemes, the details of how to sign up are on the relevant providers websites below. If we had to recommend a cycle to work provider, we would suggest Green Commute Initiative. Their scheme is super easy to use, doesn't require companies to sign up and would give employees the most choice of cycle shops to use.

Your employer has to be willing to run the scheme before you can get your bike. This is because the scheme can only run through what is known as a salary sacrifice, where you agree to temporarily reduce your wages to pay for the hire of goods‚ in this case a bike and equipment. The scheme is available to UK tax payers who pay PAYE. Please note that the self-employed cannot take part in the scheme.

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Green Commute Initiative

Save up to 47% savings with Green Commute Initiative

Why cycle to work?

You’ll have your own reasons for wanting to cycle to work, but there are probably more benefits than you realise. Here are just some of them:
✓ A healthier you – both in mind and body
✓ Reaching your fitness goals more quickly
✓ A happier you as you become healthier and fitter
✓ Enjoying your commute to work so you arrive on time and feeling energised
✓ Becoming more effective in your work
✓ Saving money on fuel and car parking cost


Cyclescheme is the UK’s number one provider of tax-free bikes for the Government’s Cycle to Work initiative. It’s a brilliant programme where everyone wins – employees make big savings on new bikes, employers get a healthier workforce and save money too! Cyclescheme has a great track record in helping employers of all sizes to set up and run successful Cycle to Work schemes. Our innovative online system is simple to use, and we have decades of industry experience and a vast supplier network of over 1,200 independent bike shops. 

Bike2Work Scheme

With Bike2Work Scheme you could save up to 47% on the cost of a brand new bicycle and cycling equipment?

This is made possible by the Government’s Green Transport Plan which not only aims to reduce environmental pollution and promote healthier lifestyles but also make cycling to work a cost-effective option for employees.



We are a gogeta partner retailer. Thanks to the low cost of accepting gogeta vouchers we do not include any surcharges, which means gogeta customers enjoy the best savings.gogeta offers an easy and fast Tax free bike scheme with the biggest savings.


Vivup Benefits is a provider of the Cycle to Work Scheme, both for business and as a staff benefit through our Salary Sacrifice Benefit Scheme. We provide an end-to-end service, ensuring business requirements are met and staff receive a first class service.

Halfords Cycle 2 Work

If you only have access to the Halfords Cycle to Work scheme, we now accept their vouchers. If you have a voucher already assigned to Halfords and would like it changed to us please call the Halfords team on 08450 778835 and they will arrange this change for you.

Enjoy Benefits

Cycle to work scheme with Enjoy Benefits - The cycle to work scheme enables employees to buy a bike for commuting and make savings of up to 47%

See what your savings are below using the Green Commute Calculator