The all-new Trek Fuel EX-E - Electric mountain bike

Just look at the all new 2023 Trek Fuel EXe sliding in to the category between a full powered e-bike and a regular MTB. It gets an ultra slick, reduced fat, mid mounted motor designed by TQ and a light weight 360Wh battery. With the top model weighing just 18.4kg, you know this is the bike the competition is trying to beat!

Trek Fuel Exe

Trek Fuel EXe 2023 is redesigned from the ground up, new geometry, bigger travel, extra capability in it's DNA and a slick new motor system all wrapped up in a carbon shell. This bike is perfect to keep up with your faster riding buddies, or just make those climbs that bit easier and still rip up the trails when going down like an acoustic bike can! The Trek Fuel EXe is the dream ride for e-mountain bikers who crave a quieter experience and traditional mountain bike hold-outs who were waiting for a better e-mountain bike.

Trek have partnered up with German robotics manufacturer TQ to develop the new Fuel EXe with their new HPR50 Motor. With fewer moving parts, no noisy belts or gears, its smaller and lighter than the more traditional e-bike motors and the rest of the competition.

TQ HPR50 Motor

The complete e-bike system weighs in at only 3.9KG, which means a lighter bike that rides more like an acoustic mountain bike. Compared to traditional e-mountain bike motors, the HPR50 gives a very natural experience and is barely audible. Rather than hearing the whine of a motor, riders get to experience the wind through trees and tyres on the ground! 

The Trek Fuel EXe houses an internal downtube mounted 360Wh battery should be enough around 2-5 hours worth of riding, but if you need a bit more capacity a bottle cage mounted 160Wh battery is available offering an extra 40% more range for those long days out in the saddle.

Trek EXe Battery Removal

Fitted with a sleek, flush fitting 2" OELD display mounted straight in to the top tube, with all your data clearly visible from above without being in your way - paired with a small discrete handlebar remote that features just two buttons, enough to control your support level - technological integration at it's finest.

Trek OLED Top Tube Display - Fuel EXe

And for total user tunability Trek have developed a new Trek Central App that connects to the Fuel EXe. Trek Central allows you can tune the levels of tune the level of assistance from the motor, monitor the bike's range, and offer up navigation along with suspension and tyre pressure recommendations.

Only available in carbon and rolling on 29" wheels, the new Trek Fuel EXe is an aggressive trail bike through and through, with 150mm of suspension up front and 140mm at the rear, on trend geometry tuned (482.3mm top tube size large) for stability on the fast steep stuff while balanced for an efficient pedalling position. With the bike in its low position, it runs a 64.8° head tube angle with a super steep 76.8° effective seat tube angle.
Flipping the mino link these angles are steepened by 0.4°, raising the BB by 7mm and stretching the reach by 5mm.

All models of the Fuel EXe line-up are below with six models starting with the 9.5 coming kitted with a RockShox 35 Gold RL fork, RockShox Deluxe Select+ rear shock, Shimano Deore drivetrain, with 4-piston brakes and Bontrager XR5
tyres. At the top of the range is the Fuel EXe 9.9 XX1 AXS which is filled with all the top of line components, including a RockShox Lyrik Ultimate and a Super Deluxe shock, Bontrager's carbon wheels, wireless shifting from SRAM and SRAM Code RSC brakes. Models can be ordered via Trek Project One if you would like to customise your build too!

The Trek Fuel EXe is the missing link. Bridging the gap between acoustic and electric. Combining the very best of both worlds.

The new 2023 Trek Fuel EXe is THE best in class single-track gobbling, all mountain slaying, mile munching, ride anywhere machine that you need in your inventory.

Stock will be limited of this new exciting bike, but you can be sure we at Cookson Cycles have a great range available to preorder - if you're interested in one of the hottest new electric bikes for 2023 and would like to buy from one of Trek UKs leading Partner stores please get in contact with us today using the form below!

All payment options are available including 0% finance or cycle to work scheme vouchers.

New Geometry. New Travel. New You.


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