Crud Road Racer mudguard MK3 pair

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Secure your cycling adventures with the 'Crud Products' Road Racer Mudguard MK3 pair. With an ultra-light design that doesn't compromise on toughness, these mudguards provide long-lasting durability and superior protection for your bike, no matter the weather. Enjoy peace of mind knowing they offer extended coverage for maximum safeguarding.

The innovative fitting system is an absolute game-changer, making it possible for these mudguards to be effortlessly fitted on bikes with exceptionally tight clearances. This adaptability breaks the barrier where traditional mudguards just won't fit.

Time is of the essence and these mudguards respect that. With an astonishingly quick fitting time - less than 30 seconds, you'll be able to hit the road without any delay. The in-built and replaceable pile brushes designed with this Road Racer Mudguard allow it to closely 'hover' over the tyre without causing any damage. This ingenious design cancels out the need for heavy, tough fittings and keeps the mudguard centrally placed over the wheel.

Don't let the minimalist design fool you, these mudguards can effectively cover up to 38mm tyres. Stylish yet practical, they enhance the visual appeal of even the most high-end road bikes. Produced in the U.K., you can expect top-tier craftsmanship and product quality. Enhance your riding experience with effective protection and undeniable style with this pair of Road Racer Mudguards MK3.