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UNIOR: Product featuresThe toolbox is designed especially for bike tools; it’s made of heavy duty plastic and is waterproof and dustproof.It features a hangout pallet that hooks to the holes on the front side of the case, allowing you to have all your tools at hand. The pallet has 9 pockets that are designed to carry everything from pliers to open end wrenches.Flaps in the lid can be closed tightly with the Velcro straps; when closed, they also secure the tools in place. Open flaps and inner part of the lid give you 35 individual pockets to carry your tools. The biggest pockets can take our T handle hexes up to size 10 and a special small pockets can securely hold L shaped hex down to size 1.5 or similar small tools, so nothing ever gets lost.Length - 464Width - 366Height - 176Weight - 4530Advantages:The pockets are sewed together with durable nylon threadWaterproof and dustproof in accordance with IP67 certificateWatertight seal around lidAutomatic pressure release valveEasy to open double throw latchesLoad tested soft grip handleHoles for shoulder strap (strap not included in the kit)Robust case from heavy-duty compositeCorrosion free nylon pinsHang out pallet with 9 pockets, designed to carry everything from pliers to open end wrenchesAluminum divider at the bottom of the tool case to keep your tools organizedFlaps neatly close into the lid of the tool caseThe lid can carry T handle hexes up to size 10Special safety tight pockets to hold small tools44 pockets all together + storage under the pallet  

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