Bontrager Adorn Women's Mountain Shoe

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Ride like a pro in the "Adorn Women's Mountain Shoe" by BONTRAGER, the epitome of performance, comfort, and durability. These game-changing women's mountain shoes are designed specifically for the adrenaline-fuelled world of off-road cycling.

Flaunting the digitally-optimised inForm Race fit, our shoes offer enhanced comfort for all foot shapes and sizes, granting a snug yet unrestrictive hold over your foot for maximum cycling efficiency.

The shoes house a robust glass-reinforced internal nylon plate, teamed with our full Tachyon rubber outsole, providing an unrivalled grip and supreme durability. This combination ensures optimal power transfer and a confident tread, no matter the condition of the terrain.

Ease into your adventure with our reliable 3-strap hook and loop closure system. This fuss-free system ensures quick wear and a bespoke lockdown, adapting perfectly to your foot's unique shape.

With a stiffness index of 6 out of 14, these shoes strike the perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity, making each pedal stroke more efficient without compromising on comfort, making them incredibly versatile for both trail riding and casual trips alike.

Tough trail? No problem. Our shoes come armoured with the GnarGuard exterior which valiantly repels trail debris and brush, safeguarding your shoe against abrasions and material wear-off.

The shoes' material composition is as follows: Liner - 100% Polyester, Sole - 100% Rubber, Upper - 58.7% PU, 10.9% Polyester, 30.4% Nylon. This unique blend makes our shoes resilient, lightweight and an all-weather companion for your cycling endeavours.

Redefine your cycling experience with the Adorn Women's Mountain Shoe - the perfect accessory for your off-road escapades!


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