Shimano FC-R7000 105 double chainset, HollowTech II 172.5 mm 52 / 36T, silver

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    Lightweight HollowTech II 105 11-speed chainsetInnovative HollowTech forged and anodised aluminium crank arms utilise a hollow design that minimises flex and keeps the weight lowThe chainring teeth have been developed to work in conjunction with HG-X 11-speed chains for increased contact to provide greater efficiency and improved power transferHollowTech II allows the bottom bracket bearings to be spaced wider apart, enabling the use of larger bearings and an increased axle diameterCan be used with Shimano external or press-fit bottom bracketsThe system allows for easier installation, adjustment, and maintenanceLightweight anodised SG-X aluminium chainrings for smooth and precise shifting