Aztec Organic Disc Brake Pads for Tektro IOX

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Unleash the true stopping potential of your Tektro IOX mechanical callipers with these high-quality, organic disc brake pads from Aztec. These pads have been specifically designed with the challenging UK riding conditions in mind, providing extremely dependable performance throughout all weather conditions.

The organic compounds used in these pads are softer and therefore more forgiving on your rotors, presenting less brake squeal than their sintered counterparts. Despite being a bit less durable, what they lose in longevity, they more than make up for with a superior initial bite, especially in dry conditions. If you frequently ride in the warmer spring and summer months, these are the pads for you.

Additionally, Aztec's pads are race tested, providing the latest in braking compound technology. This guarantees you're getting a product that has been optimised for both on and off-road use, striking the perfect balance between versatility and performance.

Furthermore, these pads come with a stiff and corrosion-resistant backing plate, ensuring extended usability and endurance, guarding against typical wear and tear. They are also manufactured and rigorously tested to the highest of standards, assuring you of their excellent quality and reliability.

Don't compromise on your bike's stopping power. Choose Aztec Organic Disc Brake Pads for a smoother, quieter, and more effective braking experience.