Bontrager 26oz Storage Bottle

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Introducing the BONTRAGER 26oz Storage Bottle, a cyclist's dream accessory that effortlessly combines functionality and versatility. Designed to securely hold all of your biking essentials, this storage bottle fits perfectly into standard water bottle cages for easy on-the-go access.

Offering an ample 26oz capacity, you can securely stow away everything from tools and tire levers to CO2 cartridges and spare tubes. This storage bottle is a must-have for every biking enthusiast in search of a compact and organised storage solution.

The storage bottle comes with a wide opening, making it easy to access your belongings even when you're mid-pedal. Its durable design ensures your biking essentials stay protected, regardless of how bumpy the ride might be. This bottle is a practical, space-saving bike accessory that doesn't compromise on quality or craftsmanship.

Invest in the BONTRAGER 26oz Storage Bottle and experience revolutionised bicycle storage. With BONTRAGER, efficient biking storage just became a reality.