Burgtec 10mm Socket Mk4 Penthouse Flat

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Lost your original socket or simply need a spare? This authentic '10mm Socket Mk4 Penthouse Flat' is what you need to keep your pedal game strong. Ensuring compatibility with your MK4 and even MK5 Penthouse Flat pedals, this socket is crafted by Burgtec, a trailblazer in the bike components industry.

This 10mm socket is superbly designed to provide you with a snug, no-fuss fit when you need to tighten or loosen the pedal axles. Durability is not a question as the meticulous engineering of Burgtec guarantees a robust construction which can withstand the rigours of demanding biking adventures or your routine maintenance tasks.

Improve your biking experience with greater control and stability. With the '10mm Socket Mk4 Penthouse Flat', relish seamless rides, swift gear changes and pedal smoothly with the assurance that your bike is furnished with authentic and quality Burgtec spares.

Don't let ill-fitting tools stand in the way of your love for cycling. Switch to the '10mm Socket Mk4 Penthouse Flat' and redefine your biking journey.

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