Burgtec Oval 104MM BCD Thick Thin Chainring

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Presenting the powerful, finely engineered Oval 104MM BCD Thick Thin Chainring brought to you by Burgtec, engineered for performance. Are you intrigued by the mechanical advantage of increased gearing? Then look no further, we extensively researched, tested, and optimised this superb chainring just for you.

Our chainring isn't round—an oval shape was found to provide the best performance benefits. With 115% ovality positioned at the top centre, this shrank the pedal stroke dead spot and offers the same chain retention and silence as our round rings.

By shortening the dead spot at the top and bottom of the power curve, you can cycle back into the power phase of your crank rotation faster. This two-pronged advantage means increased gear power on the downstroke and faster crank speed to continually propel the crank into the power phase. According to most pedalling performance studies, a minimum of 80% of your power comes from the downstroke, because this motion involves larger muscle groups. Hence, you can benefit from additional power in the downward stroke for no extra effort and a larger gear for the now larger power phase in the downward stroke. It's a win-win.

Our Chainring's teeth are + / - 2 teeth, so a 30T unit has a combination of 32T for the increased power phase and 28T for the dead spot. The 32T unit combines a 34T increased power phase and a 30T dead spot. We recommend choosing an Oval size that matches your current round ring.

Key features:

  • Thick thin tooth profile with Mud Bleed for eradicated mud-related issues
  • Compatible with 10, 11, and 12-speed set-ups
  • 115 degrees of Ovality for optimized bike performance
  • Fully CNC machined from high-strength 7075 Aluminium for enhanced durability

Optimise your cycling experience with the Oval 104MM BCD Thick Thin Chainring from Burgtec. Upgrade your ride today!