Sorry! Unior 17mm x 28mm Bearing Press Adapter is no longer available.

Unior 17mm x 28mm Bearing Press Adapter

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Optimise your home workshop or bike shop with the high-performing '17mm x 28mm Bearing Press Adapter' from Unior. Designed with our century-old tradition of superior craftsmanship, this innovative tool proves an invaluable asset for the avid or professional cyclist. Every repair work becomes more efficient, using a tool built with precision and high-quality materials for prolonged durability.

Why choose a Unior tool? The answer lies in the quality assurance offered by a company passionate about creating the best tools. The Bearing Press Adapter, like all Unior products, is crafted from top-notch materials, guaranteeing a reliable and robust tool that does not falter under extensive use. This tool encompasses all the signifying traits synonymous with Unior – quality, durability, and reliability.

With the '17mm x 28mm Bearing Press Adapter' in your box, you get an amazing companion for your repair tasks. It is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of daily professional use, a testament to the enduring quality of Unior tools.

Unior has been serving customers with top-of-the-range tools since 1919. With our deep-rooted heritage married with the latest technologies, we apply paramount precision to every tool made under the Unior brand, down to this Bearing Press Adapter.

Manufactured in Europe, we maintain strict control over our production process, ensuring that the specification of each tool, including this Bearing Press Adapter, is optimum. Trust in a tool that is built to serve you excellently throughout its lifespan.

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