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If speed is your game, look no further than the Firebird. This bike's sole mission is to be the fastest in any context. Whether you're riding in a park or executing a mega-descent, this bike is engineered with a progressive, size-specific geometry that maximises velocity. Dw-link suspension cushions landings, allowing you to stay focused on the win.

Size-specific features create a balanced, responsive ride allowing for precise control. With 165mm of top-performing dw-link suspension, the Firebird absorbs impact and climbs effortlessly giving a smooth, fast ride irrespective of the terrain.

Appearances are indeed deceiving with the Firebird. While it looks sleek and elegant, this bike is tough. Its Hollow Core carbon construction produces a heavy-duty, lightweight frame that handles the most challenging conditions with grace and calm. Paired with superior suspension and carefully selected components, the Firebird is your key to fast, thrilling rides. So, gear up for an unforgettable expedition of speed with the Firebird.

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