Wheels Manufacturing T47A Outboard ABEC3 Bearings For 2422mm Cranks

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    T47A (asymmetrical) threaded bottom bracket cups for T47A frames and 24/22mm diameter spindle compatible cranksThe cups have internal bearings and can be used in bottom bracket shells with widths from 77.5mm - 79mmMachined aluminium cups thread together directly into a Cervelo, Factor and Felt T47A bottom bracket shellsFeaturing ABEC-3 grade bearings which are easily serviced or replacedIncludes sleeve to fit between cups for added protection from dirt and grime, and also keeps your internal wires and hoses from rubbing on the crank spindleT47A bottom bracket cups are similar to standard BSA threaded cups in that the drive side cup is left-hand thread and the non-drive side cup is right-hand threadUse a quality grease when installing in steel or aluminium BB shells, and an anti-seize compound compatible with titanium bottom bracket shells.