Sorry! Unior Vice Jaws is no longer available.

Unior Vice Jaws


Get ready to enhance your biking experience with the hugely popular Unior Vice Jaws. As part of Unior's carefully crafted range, the Vice Jaws are essential for any bike owner who seeks performance and viability in a single, efficient tool.

Unmatched Quality
Recognised for enduring durability, Unior products are forged from first-rate, resilient materials and manufactured to meet exceedingly high standards. Uniquesly, Unior's Vice Jaws are no exception, crafted to ensure a 'job well done' every single time.

Made for Performance
Every Unior tool, including the Vice Jaws, is designed to withstand constant demanding usage. Whether you're tuning your bike at home or in a professional workshop, Unior promises an unbeatable level of quality that you can rely on for years to come.

A Century of Expertise
For over 100 years, Unior has been a reliable craftsman of intimate tools such as the Vice Jaws. As a tradition-rich company that skilfully merges technological advancement and time-tested methods, they offer unmatched precision in every single product.

Proudly European
Unior maintains stringent control over the manufacturing process and the supplied raw materials. Made in Europe, Unior's tools, including the Vice Jaws, provide a long-lasting service life and superior performance than comparable tools in the market.

Invest in Unior's Vice Jaws and experience a perfect harmony of reliability, unparalleled performance and superior quality.