Pirelli SmarTUBE Inner Tube Patch Kit

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Keep your bike in top condition with the Pirelli SmarTUBE Inner Tube Patch Kit. Packed with everything you need to repair a puncture and get back on the road again, it's an essential tool for every cyclist.

Our kit contains 5 large patches and 5 small patches, giving you the flexibility to fix punctures of various sizes. Each patch is designed to bond strongly with TPU-style tubes, creating a seal that withstands even the toughest of rides.

Also included in the kit is our specially formulated glue. Designed to create a strong bond between the patch and tube, it ensures a secure fix that will last. To prepare the area for patching, we've also provided alcohol cleaning tissues. These remove any grease or dirt, allowing the glue and patch to adhere properly to the tube.

Please note, this kit is specifically designed for use with TPU-style tubes. It is not suitable for butyl bicycle tubes.

Never let a puncture slow you down again. Get your Pirelli SmarTUBE Inner Tube Patch Kit today and enjoy unstoppable cycling adventures!

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