Enduro Bearings 6801 LLU MAX BO - ABEC 3 MAX

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Create the smoothest ride possible with the '6801 LLU MAX BO - ABEC 3 MAX' by Enduro Bearings. These are top-of-the-line bearings that provide outstanding durability and performance, offering an exceptional upgrade to your cycling experience.Made without retainers, these bearings boast 40% more balls than the standard ABEC 3 or 5 bearings, therefore, are capable of handling significantly higher loads. This makes them ideal for frame pivots, ensuring you get the best out of every turn and movement.To extend the life of the bearing, '6801 LLU MAX BO - ABEC 3 MAX' is packed with CRC Marine Grease, a premium-quality substance that does not wash out or break down when wet. This ensures your bearings have a long-lasting life, even under challenging weather conditions.With dimensions of 12x21x5mm, an ABEC Grade of 3, and a light weight of just 5.81g, these bearings are suitable for all types of bikes and riders, proving handy for those seeking to enhance their biking experience.Enduro Bearings further ensures superior performance with LLU seals that provide optimum protection against dirt, grit and moisture. This means that wherever you cycle, whether on the roughest trails or through city streets, your bearings will remain clean and efficient for many rides to come.So go ahead and elevate your ride with the '6801 LLU MAX BO - ABEC 3 MAX' - designed to offer the lasting quality, smooth operation, and ultimate durability you deserve. Stay ahead, stay smooth, and let Enduro Bearings take your biking experience to the next level.