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DEITY: If you are familiar with the previous CZ38 model, the Zink signature handlebar features a unique 9.5 x 4.5 degree bend/sweep that replicates the feel of his favorite motocross handlebar.  The new CZ40 features an 800mm width, 40mm rise, and if you look closely…you will even see cut marks referencing his favorite widths for different disciplines. It is all about the details. For 17 years, the handlebar of choice for Cameron Zink has been DEITY and on the 10-year anniversary of the debut of his first signature model…we are proud to launch the long-awaited evolution of the DEITY CZ line of handlebars, the CZ40!We are passionate about developing products with STRENGTH as the priority and the CZ40 has been in development for 3 years to make sure it not only met our standards and Cam’s needs, but was ready for you as a rider.  You may say… “3 years for a handlebar?”  Absolutely. All our products undergo rigorous machine testing and a 24-month real world testing program before they are available to the public!  With two Red Bull Rampage seasons under its belt, we passionately believe that our customers should never be our testers and nothing beats the patience and knowledge gained during real world testing. The wait is always worth it!Not all handlebars are created equal and, in addition to our real-world testing program, all DEITY handlebars undergo a heightened proprietary internal testing standard that measures range of deflection and flex from various angles to mimic true riding conditions.  Instead of solely relying on the information gained from an industry standard test machine, we are producing data at various angles and cycle-testing at higher values than are required, which allows us to put the product through a greater level of stress.Each model in the DEITY line is also impact tested to measure flex and sheer strength of the product under load. Heat treated independently from other models to increase strength and consistency by a minimum of 20%, the design of a DEITY handlebar is topped off with our Gradient Butting technology. This technology departs from conventional double butting methods that can create abrupt changes in wall thickness which in turn create stress zones.  From design, machine testing, data analysis, real world abuse, and finally to your door…we take pride in the care and detail we put into our passion.  We do not take the investment from our riding community lightly and that is the reason why our approach to handlebar development is unlike anyone else industry wide.  Specs include:The all new Cameron Zink Signature Handlebar, the CZ40!Designed for all disciplines from All Mountain, Downhill, Freeride, Trails, and moreFeaturing our proprietary Gradient Butting TechnologyFeatures a bead blast finish and bold graphics throughout800mm width40mm rise9.5 degree bend x 4.5 degree upsweep31.8mm clamping diameterCut marks to match Zink's preferred widths for Slopestyle, Dirt Jumping, Downhill, and Trail.Weight: 365 grams