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Experience the ultimate protection from mud, dirt, and water with the ProGuard Rear from Rapid Racer Products. Expertly designed to shield your shock, linkages, and bearings from high-velocity impacts, this guard significantly reduces your post-ride cleaning effort and extends the intervals between services.

Whether you're off on a daring dirt track or just pedalling to your favourite spot, the ProGuard Rear ensures your ride stays smooth and clean. The innovative design allows it to fit easily on a wide array of bikes, making it a versatile addition to your cycling gear.

The ProGuard Rear not only provides ample protection but also adds an element of style. Its matte textured finish with gloss highlights seamlessly blends with your bike. Plus, a careful indentation creates an additional 4mm of tyre clearance while preserving the stylish sticker of your ProGuard FRONT mudguard.

This guard is designed with 43 snap-off top holes for a customisable fit to accommodate different brace structures on your bike. The extended coverage option of the Standard ProGuard Rear offers an additional 83mm on rear coverage and a whopping 140mm additional length at the front.

Constructed from durable Polypropylene, the ProGuard Rear promises long-lasting durability, and balances flexibility and stability perfectly. Upgrading your ride with the ProGuard Rear is effortless with the provided zip ties.

Like all RRP mudguards, each ProGuard Rear guard is thoughtfully designed, expertly manufactured, and diligently packed in the UK to bring superior quality right to your doorstep. Invest in the ProGuard Rear mudguard to elevate your cycling experience.

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