Shimano CUES CSLG40011 CUES Link Glide cassette 11speed 11 45T

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Introducing the Shimano CUES Link Glide cassette 11speed 11 - 50T, expertly designed to deliver superior durability and optimal performance. This Shimano LINKGLIDE is a lightweight cassette that promises endurance and resistance to daily wear. Ideal for both multi-purpose and high-torque e-bikes, this product promises prolonged shifting and pedalling efficiency.

With the LINKGLIDE, Shimano targets high torque applications, enhancing the longevity of the component. Each cassette tooth features a thicker base combined with a distinctive chamfer which significantly improves wear resistance. The result is impressive longevity for the cassette and one less thing for cyclists to worry about.

The unique design of the LINKGLIDE 11-Speed Cassette ensures that optimal performance is coupled with reduced weight. The cassette features sprockets that have been precisely cut and drilled to reduce weight, while subsequently maintaining rigidity. The consistent tooth configuration is computer-designed, promoting smooth 2-way shifting and reduced pedal shock.

This innovative cassette is compatible with LINKGLIDE or 11-speed HG chains, giving you the flexibility to fine-tune your cycling experience.

Curious about how to optimise your CUES groupset? You can configure all the components to fit your biking needs using this easy-to-use chart. For a deeper understanding of the CUES system, check out our insightful video here.

Experience the game-changing Shimano CUES Link Glide cassette and redefine your biking experience.