Shimano CUES RDU4000 CUES rear derailleur GS medium cage 9speed

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Introducing the durable and versatile Shimano CUES RDU4000 rear derailleur, optimised for all mid-grade riding styles. The advanced LINKGLIDE technology ensures durability and smooth shifting, with the capability to outlast current Hyperglide drivetrain by up to 300%.

The Shadow design of this rear derailleur features a super low profile and optimised slant angle to promote light shifting action and improved clearance, enhancing your ability to conquer any terrain. Its wide link design increases rigidity, maximising the gear changing performance and prolonging the product's lifespan.

Key features of the RDU4000 unit include a Fluorine-coated link pin bushing for reduced friction, large 13 tooth pulleys for longer life and an aluminium bracket body with robust steel outer and inner plates. Ready for any ride, this rear derailleur is designed for a single ring and has a total capacity of 35T, making it suitable for a wide range of gear combinations.

Effortlessly shift through your 9-speed setup with this rear derailleur, compatible with both LINKGLIDE and HG 11-speed chains. Its range allows for a 46-35T low sprocket, providing versatility to handle different grades of riding. Additionally, this unit is E-bike rated to ensure optimum performance across all configurations of bikes.

Setting up your CUES groupset is a breeze with our easy-to-use Configuration Chart. Simply fill in your bike type and speeds required, then pick the components you need. For more insights into the innovative CUES range, check out our helpful introduction video here.