Proper Cleaner Degreaser Refill Pouch

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Are you tired of cycling around with a grimy, slow-moving bike? Keep your wheels to the metal and your bike in top-tier performance mode with the 'Degreaser Refill Pouch' by 'Proper Cleaner'. Our Degreaser Refill Pouch offers the ideal, eco-friendly solution for restoring your bike to pristine condition. Offering drivetrain de-greasing capabilities, this highly effective cleaner easily breaks down even the most stubborn grime, making your bike shine and move faster.One pouch contains enough cleaning solution to refill two 750ml bottles, offering long-lasting use and excellent value for money. Just add water and you're ready to start de-greasing! Plus, with fully biodegradable packaging, you can feel confident that you're making an eco-conscious choice.This top-quality bike cleaner is suitable for use on a wide range of materials - from carbon and anodized surfaces to disc brakes. Rest assured knowing that our defreaser won't harm the exterior of your bike or its internal components. What makes our de-greaser stand out? It's free from animal testing - ensuring that Nigel the dog and his mates aren't used for product trial. Forget hefty shipping charges too. The compact nature of our pouch means it can be posted as a letter, saving you money and ensuring a faster delivery.It's time to ride smooth and prolong your bike's lifespan with our 'Degreaser Refill Pouch' by 'Proper Cleaner'. This is more than just a bike cleaner - it's your ticket to an optimized cycling experience.