Aztec eBike Disc Brake Pads for Avid Code 2011 Code R Code RSC

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Experience a new level of quality and performance with 'Aztec' eBike disc brake pads for Avid Code. The disc brake pads have been meticulously designed and optimised for use in e-bikes, ensuring a peak performance whether cycling on regular roads or daring off-road terrains.

Tailored specifically for the e-bike, these brake pads adapt superbly to any conditions, providing a smooth braking performance that's invaluable for low traction situations or when your e-bike is fully loaded. These pads not only provide optimal control and composure but they also have a 30% longer lifespan compared to standard brake pads, proving the Aztec's dedication to prioritising quality and durability.

But don't limit their use to just eBikes - these versatile brake pads are equally effective on any bike if you're looking for a smoother brake operation and want your brake pads to last longer.

These pads are manufactured and tested to the highest standards, reflecting 'Aztec's commitment to quality and precision. Equipped with a stiff and corrosion-resistant backing plate, these brake pads promise extended usability and lifelong service.

Prioritize your safety while enjoying enhanced performance with 'Aztec' eBike disc brake pads for Avid Code.