Aztec Organic disc brake pads for Avid XO Trail

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Efficient and durable, the Aztec Organic disc brake pads for Avid XO Trail truly epitomise the exceptional performance required by both casual and avid cyclists. Designed with organic compounds to ensure less wear and tear on your rotors, these brake pads are more forgiving and produce far less brake squeal than their sintered counterparts.

The softer organic compound lends to an impressive initial bite in dry conditions, making these pads reliable for dryer roads and trails especially during spring and summer. However, they hold their ground astoundingly well in all conditions, providing consistent braking effectiveness.

Experience the latest in braking compound technology with these disc brake pads. Each pad is meticulously researched, manufactured and tested to the highest standards, ensuring a reliable and secure performance. Additionally, each comes with a stiff and corrosion resistant backing plate, adding to their durability and longevity.

Brought to you by Aztec, a reputed brand in the cycling industry, upgrading to these organic disc brake pads means investing in safety, comfort, and performance for an overall enhanced biking experience.

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