Aztec Organic disc brake pads for Tektro IOX mechanical callipers

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Experience extraordinary braking power and reliability with these organic disc brake pads specifically engineered for Tektro IOX mechanical callipers. Aztec, a celebrated brand in the cycling industry, offers you an optimal braking solution that is perfect for the eclectic British riding conditions. These pads utilise organic compounds that are softer and more forgiving on your bike rotors, greatly reducing brake squeal commonly associated with sintered pads.

Despite these organic compounds being perceived as less durable than sintered counterparts, they offer a vastly superior initial bite in dry conditions. What's more, they perform exceedingly well in all conditions, providing exceptional braking performance, particularly on dry roads and trails in the spring and summer months. Tested in the heat of the race and marked with the seal of ultimate reliability, these pads incorporate the latest braking compound technology.

Not only are these pads excellent in performance, but they are also manufactured and tested to the highest standards, ensuring optimal safety. Despite their superior efficacy, the pads feature a stiff and corrosion-resistant backing plate, promising longevity and remarkable resilience.

Replace your worn-out bike brake pads with our organic disc brake pads, and experience superior, trustworthy braking performance, whether you ride on or off-road.

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