Shimano CUES CSLG4009 CUES Link Glide cassette 9speed 11 46T

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Pioneered by the reputable cycling brand, Shimano CUES, the CSLG4009 Link Glide Cassette is an instrumental piece in enhancing your cycling experience. Built using state-of-the-art technology, this 9-speed cassette demonstrates unrivalled quality and performance that professionals swear by, making it a vital addition to your bicycle.

Backed by LINKGLIDE technology, this cassette offers durability that withstands rigorous daily wear. It's designed for optimum performance, making it perfect for both multi-purpose bikes and high-torque e-bikes. The best part? With the LINKGLIDE technology, you get long-lasting shift and pedalling performance.

The cassette teeth have an increased thickness base coupled with a unique chamfer. This unique design drastically improves wear resistance, particularly in high torque applications, without adding extra weight. The sprockets are expertly cut away and drilled to reduce weight while maximising rigidity.

Leveraging LINKGLIDE's remarkable engineering, the tooth configuration has been designed on a computer, paired with contoured shift gates. This bespoke design results in agile, smooth 2-way gear shifting (inwards and outwards) with reduced pedal shock, ensuring your ride is as enjoyable as it gets.

This cassette is compatible with both LINKGLIDE and 11-speed HG chains. Looking to configure your CUES groupset? Use this handy chart to help you choose the required components. Just plug in the bike type and speeds required and let the tool do the rest.

More interested in learning about the CUES Introduction? Catch a detailed, insightful video here.

With the CSLG4009 Link Glide Cassette, experience the exhilarating pleasure of seamless, fluid cycling like never before!

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