Shimano CUES CSLG40010 CUES Link Glide cassette 10speed 11 48T

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Experience a revolution in your cycling journey with the Shimano CUES' CSLG40010 Link Glide Cassette. Engineered specifically for 10-Speed bicycles, this high-quality cassette is the epitome of durability and lightweight design, ensuring enhanced performance and longevity.

Made to withstand high-torque applications and daily wear, the Link Glide cassette offers remarkable teeth wear resistance, keeping your bike running smoothly for longer. This advanced construction means that it is an excellent choice not just for multi-purpose bikes, but also for high-torque e-bikes.

At its core, this cassette features a unique chamfer and substantially thicker base which are key elements improving its wear resistance and extending its lifespan. The sprockets are meticulously designed - they're cut away and drilled to reduce weight but without sacrificing rigidity. The result is a cassette that offers you crisp, smooth 2-way shifting (inward and outward) with minimal pedal shock to enhance your riding experience.

This high-end Link Glide cassette is compatible with LINKGLIDE or 11-speed HG chains, catering to a wide range of bike configurations.

To further assist with your bike set up, Shimano CUES provides an easy-to-use chart to configure your CUES groupset. Just input the bike type and speeds required and simply pick the desired components. Click Here to explore.

For a comprehensive introduction to the CUES range, watch the informative video linked below.

Experience the difference with CUES Link Glide cassette - precision cycling at its finest!