Sorry! Unior Emergency-Use Cassette Remover/Spoke Wrench is no longer available.

Unior Emergency-Use Cassette Remover/Spoke Wrench


Adapt your bicycle to any emergency situation or quick repair with the durable and reliable Emergency-Use Cassette Remover/Spoke Wrench by UNIOR. This versatile tool, a product of renowned European craftsmanship, is indispensable for both professional and hobby cyclists seeking height performance and longevity from their cycling equipment.

Robust Qualities
The UNIOR Cassette Remover/Spoke Wrench is designed with utmost sturdiness, able to withstand rigorous daily use in home or professional workshop environments. Renowned for its resilience, Unior equips you with the confidence to carry out quick bike repairs efficiently, ensuring less downtime and more cycling.

Years of Excellence
Boasting over a century’s worth of tool crafting experience, Unior merges traditional methods with the latest technologies to deliver impeccable products. Each tool is crafted under strict quality control to ensure absolute precision, guaranteeing the consistent performance you need from your cycling tools.

European Craftsmanship
With entire control over the specification, manufacturing process, and raw material quality, UNIOR's tools are a testament to Europe's renowned craftsmanship. The company's commitment to excellence ensures your Emergency-Use Cassette Remover/Spoke Wrench will provide reliable, efficient service throughout its lifespan.

Equip yourself with the UNIOR Emergency-Use Cassette Remover/Spoke Wrench and experience superior performance and reliability whenever and wherever you need it.

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